Service Dress Air Force

Servicing Dress Air Force: All You Need to Know

In the Air Force, maintaining proper uniform and dress is a top priority. While different aspects of the Air Force uniform must be worn for different occasions, one particular style of dress uniform is a key part of the look for airmen and airwomen. This dress uniform is known as a “service dress”.

What is Service Dress Air Force?

Service Dress Air Force is the official dress uniform for US Air Force personnel. It is composed of two separate parts- the winter and summer jackets and skirts, slacks, and shorts. Completing the look, the uniform includes a black beret, shoes, and a tie for men and tie tack for women. The dress uniform is to be worn for formal events, when celebrating milestones, and occasionally at professional functions or meetings. 

The Fabric of Service Dress Air Force

The winter service dress is made of a darker navy-blue cloth while the summer service dress is made of a lighter blue fabric. Both versions of the dress have a similar design consisting of crease-resistant wool, a single-breasted coat, pocket flaps, pleated patch pockets and silver rank insignia on both sleeves. Additionally, the winter variation of the dress also has a fur collar, while the summer version is devoid of a fur collar. 

Components of the Service Dress Air Force

The service dress uniform worn by the US Air Force is composed of the following components: 

  • Female Jacket: This component is made of navy-blue wool and includes two pockets, a mini chin strap, and ribbons. 
  • Male Jacket: This component is similar to the female jacket component but also includes a fur color and an integral half belt at the back. 
  • Skirt/Slacks/Shorts: This component is available in two styles, one for the winter service dress and one for the summer. Both types of this component feature crease-resistant navy-blue wool material.
  • Shoes: This component of the dress is available in black or brown leather with a semi-gloss finish. 
  • Beret: This component is made of black or navy blue wool and is worn over the forehead. 
  • Tie/Tie Tack: This component of the service dress is utilized by men and women and is available in navy-blue for men and pink for women.

Example of Service Dress Air Force

A service dress Air Force uniform can look something like this: 

Male: Black leather shoes, black beret, navy-blue trousers, crease-resistant navy-blue wool jacket, navy-blue tie. 

Female: Black leather shoes, black beret, navy-blue skirt, crease-resistant navy-blue wool jacket, pink tie tack.


Q: What are the requirements for Service Dress Air Force? 

A: The requirements for Service Dress Air Force uniforms include the following: navy-blue wool jacket, black leather shoes, black beret, and appropriate accessories such as a tie or tie tack. 

Q: How much do the Service Dress Air Force uniforms cost? 

A: The cost of a Service Dress Air Force uniform will vary depending on the accessories included and the look you are trying to achieve. Generally speaking, the cost of the uniform is between $50 and $200. 

Q: What occasions require you to wear Service Dress Air Force? 

A: Service Dress Air Force is required for formal occasions such as formal ceremonies, professional functions and meetings, and social events where military uniform attire is acceptable.  

By Sahil