Michael Lockwood is 'Ready, Able, and Willing to Protect' Twins amid Lisa Marie Trust Battle, Says Lawyer

finley aaron love lockwood – In the ongoing legal battle over the trust left behind by Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood, the former husband of Lisa Marie, has expressed his strong determination to safeguard their 14-year-old twins. Lockwood has filed a petition requesting to be appointed as the legal guardian ad litem for the minors. This article explores Lockwood’s motivations and the developments in the trust dispute.

Lockwood’s Request for Guardianship

Lockwood’s petition to the probate court, filed in March, outlines his reasons for seeking the role of legal guardian ad litem for the twins. He argues that the minors are beneficiaries of the trust currently under scrutiny in the court proceedings. Consequently, Lockwood believes that the appointment of a guardian ad litem is necessary to protect the twins’ interests in the case.

Absence of Conflict of Interest

Addressing concerns about potential conflicts of interest, Lockwood emphasizes that he is not a beneficiary of the trust instrument in question. As the father of Harper and Finley, born to him and Lisa Marie in October 2008, he asserts that his appointment as their guardian ad litem would not compromise the integrity of the proceedings.

Consent of Harper and Finley

Both Harper and Finley have given their consent to Lockwood serving as their guardian ad litem. The twins signed forms affirming their support for his involvement in the legal matters surrounding the trust.

Lisa Marie’s Passing and Family Dynamics

The passing of Lisa Marie Presley in January, at the age of 54, marked a tragic loss for her family. As the only child of Elvis Presley and ex-wife Priscilla, Lisa Marie’s death left a significant void. She is survived by her mother Priscilla, now 77, and her three daughters: Riley, Harper, and Finley. Lisa Marie’s son Benjamin Keough, sadly, died by suicide in July 2020.

Changes in the Trust

Following Lisa Marie’s passing, modifications were made to the trust, resulting in the removal of Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s former business manager Barry Siegel as cotrustees. The trust’s control, which includes the iconic Graceland mansion and a 15 percent stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), estimated to generate $110 million in 2022, was transferred to Riley and Benjamin.

Priscilla’s Objections

Priscilla, claiming she was unaware of the 2016 amendment until after Lisa Marie’s death, has raised objections to the changes made in the trust. She argues that the amendment should be invalidated due to several factors, including Lisa Marie’s failure to inform her of the alterations as required by the trust’s terms.

Lisa Marie’s Wishes

In an article featured in PEOPLE magazine, a close friend of Lisa Marie stated unequivocally that her desire was for Riley and Benjamin to serve as the trustees, with all her children being beneficiaries of the trust.

Statements from Priscilla and Lockwood

Priscilla, in a statement released on February 3, expressed her commitment to acting with “integrity and love” throughout the legal process. Additionally, a source close to Lockwood revealed that Priscilla maintains a close relationship with him to remain involved in her grandchildren’s lives.

Riley’s Focus and Personal Milestones

Leading up to the court hearing, sources have reported that Riley is concentrating on her acting career, particularly her role in the new limited series on Amazon Prime Video, “Daisy Jones & the Six.” Riley, Elvis’ first great-grandchild, is also celebrating the birth of her first child in 2022, as revealed by her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, during her mother’s memorial.

Lockwood’s Response to Lisa Marie’s Passing

Lockwood took to social media to express his grief and pay tribute to Lisa Marie following her untimely death. In a statement to PEOPLE, he acknowledged the profound impact of the loss on him and his twin daughters, Harper and Finley. Lockwood’s primary focus is ensuring the safety and well-being of his children, assuring them of his unwavering love and dedication. He recognizes their incredible spirit and pledges to preserve their family’s legacy for generations to come. The family requests privacy during this challenging time.


As the legal battle over Lisa Marie Presley’s trust unfolds, Michael Lockwood remains resolute in his commitment to protect the best interests of his twin daughters, Harper and Finley. With his petition for guardianship, Lockwood seeks to safeguard their future amidst the ongoing proceedings. The outcome of this trust dispute will shape the legacy and inheritance of Lisa Marie’s children, with the court determining the rightful beneficiaries and trustees of her estate.

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