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Interest in home gardening and self-sufficiency has risen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the ways to capitalize on this trend and add beauty to your kitchen is with a DIY kitchen garden window above the sink. By bringing a bit of the outdoors in, this feature can provide a pleasant view and a convenient way to grow a few herbs or flowers. Plus, it can also serve as a great conversation starter. 

The best part about building a kitchen garden window is that you can design it to suit the size and shape of your existing sink and window trim. Depending on your skill level and budget, you can make a basic design or go all out and get fancy. 

For the beginners, your first step should be to measure the space above your sink and determine what size box frame and planter you’ll need. You may want to start with a simple, flat-topped design that mounts just above your window trim or build a three-sided box with a hinged lid or planter. 

After you decide on the size and shape, you’ll need to purchase the necessary supplies. You’ll need to use lumber that is rated for outdoor use, such as cedar or treated pine. Use  either screws or waterproof wood glue to assemble the frame. You’ll also want to make sure your frame is securely attached to the window trim and is waterproof to prevent water damage. For the planter, you can use a molded plastic container with or without a drainage system.  

Once the frame and planter are in place, you’re ready to plant your favorite herbs or starter plants. You may want to use a combination of soil, compost and fertilizer to create a nutrient-rich planting area. Be sure to not over-crowd the plants and give them enough space to grow. 

By creating a DIY kitchen garden window, you’ll have access to fresh herbs for culinary purposes and can enjoy the beauty and fragrances of your favorite plants. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you created something special with your own two hands.

Maximizing Space with a Garden Window Over the Kitchen Sink

A garden window over the kitchen sink is a great way to maximize the limited space in your kitchen. It adds natural light, provides a place to store herbs and plants, and can be used as a decorative and functional element in your kitchen.

Garden windows typically have three or four sides; the front side is often glass, while the other sides are panels or shelving. A garden window can be an ideal spot to place a few potted plants, allowing them to get plenty of sunlight while still providing easy access to the kitchen. The window can also act as a mini greenhouse, perfect for keeping small starter plants or herbs at a comfortable temperature. The paneled sides can also be used for extra storage and categorizing; for example, displaying glassware or dinnerware on the bottom panel, or using the top panel for containers, condiments, or spices.

The window can also be used to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. The wide variety of colors and finishes available today means there is a style to suit any décor. In addition, the glass itself allows natural light to flood the kitchen, helping to make it brighter, airier, and more inviting.

Garden windows can be difficult to install, so it is best to contact  a professional if you are considering adding one to your kitchen. With the right design, the window can provide a functional, stylish, and space-making element to any kitchen.

Boost Your Home’s Value with a Garden Window Above the Kitchen Sink

Creating a beautiful garden setting in the comfort of your own home is a great way to boost your home’s value and add a unique element to your kitchen. A garden window above the kitchen sink can make your kitchen area look bigger and more inviting. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but you’ll benefit from increased natural light, improved air circulation, and increased energy efficiency.

Garden windows are a great way to introduce a little bit of the outdoors to your home. They can be used to display potted plants, herbs, and other foliage, while also allowing plenty of natural light to flow into the kitchen. The added light can make a dull kitchen brighter and help create a more inviting environment.

In terms of energy efficiency, they’re great because they capture heat from the sun during the winter months and keep it inside the home. This helps reduce your heating bills and save you money. The windows also come with heavy-duty glass and insulated frames that further ensure energy efficiency.

On the ventilation side of things, garden windows allow for increased airflow which can reduce the buildup of moisture in hard-to-reach places in the kitchen. This means there will be fewer chances of mold growing on walls and counter  surfaces.

Finally, garden windows are a great way to make a home look more attractive, which is great when it’s time to list your house on the market. Because garden windows come in a variety of designs, you can always find the perfect one for your home.

Installing a garden window above the kitchen sink is a great way to boost your home’s value. It introduces a beautiful garden setting, increases natural light, improves air circulation, and promotes energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to sell or simply enhance your kitchen’s look and feel, garden windows can do wonders for your home.

By Sahil