Pirate Dress Up at Disney World

Pirate dress up is something that comes to mind when most people think of Disney World Adventures. There’s a lot of dress-up opportunities available at the parks and resorts that make your adventure truly special. This article explores these opportunities and provides advice on how to make the most of your pirate-themed getaway.

Different Pirate Dress Up options at Disney 

If you’re looking to dress up like a pirate while you’re enjoying the happenings at Disney, there are a variety of ways to do so. The options vary depending on the type of park you visit and the different pirate-themed activities that may be available.

Pirate-Themed Activities: Depending on the type of park you generally visit, there may be a myriad of different pirate-themed activities and attractions. Many of the standards like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Pirates’ Cove Adventureland are staples at various Disney properties. These activities typically involve dressing up in pirate-themed clothes. 

Themed Merchandise: Depending on which park you visit, there may be an array of pirate-themed merchandise available for purchase at the various gift shops located throughout the property. These items can range from pirate hats and headscarves, to actual costumes and accessories. 

Accessories: If you’re looking for that perfect pirate-themed accessory to complete your look, there are plenty of options available. Whether you’re looking for a tricorn hat, a jaunty eye patch, or a thick rope belt, there’s something out there that’s sure to fit your costume.

Tips for Making the Most of Pirate Dress Up

Do Your Research: Doing your research is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out the pirate dress up experience. Before you head out to the parks, take a look at the activities available and the pertinent items that may be needed. This will ensure that you’re prepared for whatever the parks have in store. 

Choose Quality Accessories: Choosing quality accessories can make or break your costume. If you’re going for a classic pirate look, it’s usually best to opt for higher quality costume items. Doing so will ensure that your accessories last throughout the entire trip.

Get Creative: One of the best parts about dressing up is getting to be as creative as you choose. Whether it’s finding that perfect eye patch or hat, or mixing and matching pieces from different costumes, the possibilities are endless. So don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own. 


Here are a few pirate-themed items that you may find when you visit Disney: 

– Pirate Hats 

– Head Scarves 

– Eye Patches 

– Pirate Boots 

– Pirate Costumes 

– Pirate Daggers 

– Pirate Jewelry 

– Pirate Belts 

– Pirate Flags 

– Pirate Masks 


Q: Are there pirate-themed activities available at Disney? 

A: Yes, depending on the type of park you visit, there may be a variety of different pirate-themed activities available to participate in. 

Q: Is placing orders for pirate costumes and accessories possible?

A: Yes, you can place orders for pirate costumes and accessories at any of the Disney parks or resorts.  

Q: Is there merchandise available in the parks to purchase?

A: Yes, there is an array of pirate-themed merchandise available to purchase at the various gift shops located throughout the Disney property. 

By Sahil